iPhone Control RGB

Iphone RGB Control

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RGB DMX Iphone Control



LED-WiFi controller is surpasing the next stage over the traditional
Pantalla de control del RGB iphone Control DMX
infrared and RF technology foundation by integrating lighting tecnology control to our gaskets including iPhone, Ipad, iTouch and Android. Now we can control our lighting devices from our phone through a WIFI direct connection at home, including color, effects and bright. We can use one of the may programmed effects or we can create ours and store it in our iphone ,Android or iPad device 

It makes the LED control more human friendly. We can use an Android based device or IOS system. If our choice is Apple, then the software can be downladed from te Apple Store.

By using WiFi technology can have a longer range, can get rid of narrow space constraint, inside buildings, range is over than 50m. Outdoor range is over 100m.


Technical parameters

1:Working voltage: DC5--24V

2:Output control: 3 channel, 2 channel, 1 channel LED lamps.

3:Output current: 4A*3

4:Connect mode: common anode

5:External dimension: L107*W65*H30(mm )

6. Channel : DMX

We have 3 models available.

  1. 1. For digital ledstrips

  2. 2. For luminaires

  3. 3. For single color ledstrips

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Iphone WiFi DMX RGB Control

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